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If you want to browse the Web or pursue related online venues almost free of the fear of viral, worm or trojan horse infection, do it on a Mac. Particularly the old, original version of the OS, pre-OSX. Although OSX, the new, UNIX-based release of the Mac OS is more robust than earlier versions and still superior to Windows's immutable vulnerability to more than 65,000 variants of malicious infectious code, none are as immune as the legacy MacOS through version 9.2.2. (It may not have pre-emptively multitasked, or even managed memory all that well, but it was hard to crack and has been victimized by fewer than 50 viruses since its inception in 1984.)

On this page:

• Web Browsers for Mac OS 8.x through 9.2.2.
• Utilities for other aspects of Internet telecommunications, from e-Mail to FTP. Coming soon.

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WaMCom 1.3.1 - OS 8.6-9.x
A most valuable revision to the end-of-line Mozilla browser for the Classic Mac environment. The first truly stable version of Mozilla for Mac OS 8.6 through 9.x, tweaked for stability by Kai Engert, originally of the Mozilla Project. Many thanks to Kai for singularly making this version of Mozilla the best of breed. Called WaMCom by Engert as an acronym for Web and Mail Communicator.
14.3 MB [†]
WaMCom 1.3.1 - OSX
The UNIX/Darwin-based release of Kai Engert's tweaked-for-stability version of Mozilla 1.3.1 for Mac OSX.
Coming Soon [*]

WannaBe - OS 8.x - 9.x
The Lynx-type browser for the legacy Mac OS — yep, a non-graphic, text-only browser. Speed over accuracy and completeness.

Coming Soon [*]

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