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Welcome to the Energy Links page of the Utility News Network (UtilNN).

This page contains vertical market-specific links in the industry, utility news links, specific utility sites around the country, as well as state (Wisconsin, primarily)-specific utility links.
Keeping current on energy issues means having convenient access to both local, regional and national industry links, both corporate, institutional and industry news sources. This page provides them for your convenience. If there are any links not represented here that you would like included, contact the UtilNN Webmaster.

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Automated Meter Reading Links
AMR: The Meter Guy
AMR Tech
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Federal Agencies & National Energy Organizations
American Gas Association
American Public Power Association
American Wind Energy Assoc.
EEI Online
Electric Power Research Institute
Energy Federation, Inc.
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Gas Research Institute (aka GTI)
National Rural Electric Cooperative Assoc.
New York Mercantile Exchange
Public Utility Research Center
North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Power Marketing Association
U.S. Dept. of Energy
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General Energy Industry & News Links
ANR Pipeline
Bloomberg Energy
Daily Power Report (PMA)
EIA Energy Price Data and Forecasts
EIA Monthly Energy Review
Electric Light & Power
Electricity and Gas Stats (Energy Online)
Energy Guide
Energy Web Directory - California & Western States
Electric Power Magazine (Platts Power)
Electric & Gas Publications - Foster
Energy Central
Energy Directory
Energy Hub (Energy Source.com)
Energy Net (Weather "Tradeformation")
EnergyOnline News
Energy User News
Energy Resources Center
Enron: On the Rocks
Executive News
Employee Site - For BCGas Employees
Economics - C.H. Guernsey
Gas Daily
MegaWatt Daily
Mid-America Interconnected Network
Midwest ISO
Natural Gas Prices - Keyspan
Northern Natural Gas
OneNuclearPlace: Nuclear News & Info
Ohio Electric Utility Institute
Platts Global: Coal, Electricity, Gas, Nuclear & Petrochemical
Platts Global: Energy Buyers Guide
Power Online Vertical Marketplace
Power Online Svcs. News & Link Index
Public Utilities Reports, Inc.
Public Utility Research Center
RDI Energy Insight
Regulation Home Page
Restructuring Today
Retail Energy Online (PMA)
Retail Wheeling - Local Opposition (Wis.)
Reuters Business News
Safety Engineering-ACM Automation
State Net
Venture Capital - Energy Info Source
World Energy News
Yahoo Utility News
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State Energy Industry Links (Wisconsin)
Alliant Energy, Inc.
American Transmission Co.
Customers First! Coalition
MGE Energy, Inc.
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
We Energies - Wisconsin Energy
Wisconsin Public Power Inc.
Wisconsin Public Service Co.
Wisconsin Public Utilities Institute
Xcel Energy

Above links last updated 10 Janaury 2003. Some sites might intermittently have server problems and not load. However, should any sites persistently fail to load or result in "404" errors, please notify the Utility News Network Support Line and the link(s) will be checked and updated as necessary.

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Industry Search

An electric industry search engine is Electric-Find, a gateway to the electric industry. Also see Galaxy.Com's Targeted Electric and Gas Directory.


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