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News On Energy. To access today's energy-related news headlines see the newsblock below. NOTE: There is a slight delay in loading while the latest news is pulled into the newsblock below, which is updated periodically throughout the day. Also note that each news-item link loads into a new window when selected.

To go to the home pages of select utility-industry sites, government agencies and energy-specific vertical markets, navigate to the Energy Industry Links.

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Other Resources

An electric industry search engine is Electric-Find, a gateway to the electric industry. Also see Galaxy.Com's Targeted Electric and Gas Directory.
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Other Site Development

Utilities for Microcomputers. If you are interested in news, information or downloads for various micro platforms, that part of UtilNN is still under development. This other, nonenergy-related utility section will be posted when ready, probably during the latter half of 2003.

Stay tuned. This site is brand-spanking new. With your utility interests at heart. Helping you keep abreast of the latest industry developments.